April 14

I Got a Callback!

I had a phone interview yesterday that went … okay. It sounds like a fantastic job – really can’t think of anything I want it doesn’t offer, unless it’s Android development. But I’ve found that I like both Android and web development, so it seems kind of minor at the moment. They have a large application, what sounds like a well-run team. They actually DO testing and scrum the way it was meant to be done. I feel like there is so much that I’ve learned only in theory that I would get to learn in practice there.

I didn’t “knock it out of the park” on the phone interview. At times, I could barely hear my interviewer and that never helps. Plus, it was an interview – and there isn’t there some law somewhere that says you will always be the lamest version of yourself at interviews? I try very hard not to break that law.

In spite of that, they called me back for an on-site interview next belief. I’m tossing back and forth between shocked disbelief and super nervous excitement. I want to study and prepare but don’t know whether I should be learning React better or rehearsing answers to “Tell us about yourself”. Continue reading

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September 29

Technical Interview Questions: Java, Week 4

  • What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface? Describe why you would use one over the other, and walk trough an example use case.

You cannot create objects directly from either an abstract class or an interface. Their similarity ends there though. To use an abstract class you extend the class. To use an interface you implement it. With an abstract class you have methods with default behavior that can be overridden. With an interface you have empty methods that you MUST override (or it throws errors) in the class that implements them.  You can only extend one class, but you can implement multiple interfaces.

I would use an interface when I want to make sure certain features are included. I would use an abstract class when I wanted to inherit fairly standard functionality from my parent class.

  • What is polymorphism? How does it apply to programming?

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September 22

Technical Interview Questions: Java, Week 3

We started getting interview questions this week on Thursdays… here is the first set for Java:

  • Talk through the following method line by line. What is happening here?
    public void save() {
      try(Connection con = DB.sql2o.open()) {
        String sql = "INSERT INTO Categories(name) VALUES (:name)";
        this.id = (int) con.createQuery(sql, true)
          .addParameter("name", this.name)

This is a function/method that saves a value to a database. The first line establishes a connection to the database, the next assigns a SQL statement that adds a name into the categories table, the next (up to the next semi-colon) runts the query and assigns the new id from the table to “this.id”.

  • Discuss the difference between POST and GET. When do we use a POST route, when a GET?

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