April 9

Still Looking

We have been out of school officially for … it’s hard to know how long exactly. I’m going to say one month, from our Demo day, even though you could say 6 weeks from the official end of the internships just as easily. I know 2 people who have found tech jobs so far. There may be a few more. A couple stayed with their internships. But right now, out of a class of 80 I think we have less than 10% placement.For me, it’s been about 100 applications since last December, and 3 interviews so far. I have a couple “hot” leads with recruiters who have submitted my resume for positions. One says the client has seen my resume and is interested in meeting me, so there may be another interview soon.

I think I’m falling down on the job hunting.

But I’m keeping busy and that seems like a good thing.

I’m not sure I could do both. So here is the dilemma. Do you spend all your time searching the job boards for new leads and writing more cover letters, “looking” for work? Or do you spend the bulk of your time working on building new things so you have more to talk about in interviews when they come?

I like the second choice because at the end of the day I feel like I accomplished something, and with the job hunting it all seems so useless. Does anyone ever get those resumes, or read those cover letters? It seems like a really low-return activity.

Meanwhile, I’m also getting in more “networking”. I’m not a networker. I went to two meetups this weekend and didn’t give out or get any business cards, let alone get any leads on my job hunt. Well, I did ask some questions about a company that I might be interested in.¬† Nothing that seemed overly helpful though. In all, as far as finding¬† job, the most encouraging part was that my friend, who just got a job, also got several calls for interviews.

Isn’t that just how it goes? Accept something and all of the sudden everyone wants you?

I’m hoping that it will be like that for the whole class though, that once a few of us start finding things, the rest will follow at an ever increasing pace.

Meanwhile, Epicodus asked us for reviews recently, and at the moment I think it would look like “a waste of time and money”… I really hope that will change as we get jobs and start working. I still think there was a lot of value to attending the bootcamp, but at the moment more in the people (students) that I met than in the training itself (as most of my job leads are for jobs with skills I had before bootcamp, and not the new ones I’ve developed).

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