April 14

I Got a Callback!

I had a phone interview yesterday that went … okay. It sounds like a fantastic job – really can’t think of anything I want it doesn’t offer, unless it’s Android development. But I’ve found that I like both Android and web development, so it seems kind of minor at the moment. They have a large application, what sounds like a well-run team. They actually DO testing and scrum the way it was meant to be done. I feel like there is so much that I’ve learned only in theory that I would get to learn in practice there.

I didn’t “knock it out of the park” on the phone interview. At times, I could barely hear my interviewer and that never helps. Plus, it was an interview – and there isn’t there some law somewhere that says you will always be the lamest version of yourself at interviews? I try very hard not to break that law.

In spite of that, they called me back for an on-site interview next belief. I’m tossing back and forth between shocked disbelief and super nervous excitement. I want to study and prepare but don’t know whether I should be learning React better or rehearsing answers to “Tell us about yourself”.

I am, of course, mostly studying React as it’s more fun, even though I know if I blow the interview it’s more likely going to be on the soft skills questions. People keep telling me I just need to learn how to be more “fun” so I can be hired. I’m not fun. I’m old. I remember a time when being good at a thing was enough and you didn’t have to be the life of the party too. Not that I can’t forget technical stuff when I’m on the spot in an interview, but the odds are more in my favor with technical questions than the other kind.

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Posted April 14, 2017 by Karen Freeman-Smith in category "Career Change", "Interview Questions