April 17

Have Fun Developing Your Styles With These CSS Games

CSS Diner

One of the best lessons we had at Epicodus was the afternoon they asked us to play with the CSS Diner. It’s a cute little game where you use CSS to fulfill “orders” and put the right kind of food on the right plate(s). It’s fun enough to feel like a waste of time. But that Friday when we were building portfolios it came in handy and helped me make my portfolio a lot more exciting.

The first few levels of the game are pretty easy. It uses the kind of CSS you see everyday. But it doesn’t take too many levels to get into the kind of operators that while I’ve skimmed over documentation for them – I really didn’t see how they could apply to my pages. That’s because when you are learning, you are designing the pages yourself, often based on what you know how to do. The more advanced CSS rules can help you make the photoshop images designers (who don’t know what’s possible and what’s not) give you.

css diner screenshot
Oops… even though I’ve done this before the ~ is not one of the CSS rules I remember! Maybe playing the game once is not enough…

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