March 15

Settling in to a New Routine

I’m staring to feel more settled about my job search this week. I’ve got a few good leads, even though there are no offers yet, it feels like there will be in time. The fact there has been some interest is helping me fee less stressed.

I have a couple interviews coming up and that’s given me a topic to study for the next week or two. Actually, two topics.

One job is for a front end developer working with Angular, so I’m diving in and brushing up by learning the latest version, and updating my Angular projects in my portfolio. I’m having fun with it. There are no tight deadlines like there were in school, so I can take as long as I need to to really understand a concept before moving on to the next one. Sometimes that’s an hour or two, and sometimes that’s days. It depends…

The other job is for a Java developer in an enterprise setting, so I’m also reading up on J2EE, something we did not learn about in school. I should probably be doing a little Java coding too. If they ask me to do any coding on a whiteboard on Friday, who knows what kind of jibberish (Java/TypeScript/JavaScript/ES6/PHP) will come out (we can always call it pseudo code…).

I’m feeling reasonably confident about both jobs. I’m more interested in writing Java, but the front end position pays almost twice as much for reasons I don’t fully understand.  I think if they both came up with an offer at the same time I might take the Java one because it’s a great learning opportunity, but either would make me happy right now, so… first come, first served.

As I’m transitioning from school to work now, I think I should be doing something new/different/better with this blog as well. My initial purpose was to try to record what bootcamp was like as I went through it… because I desperately wanted to know before I signed up, and only found a couple blogs with a post or two… “usually, I’m starting I don’t know if I can make it” followed by a second post, “I made it and I got a job that keeps me too busy to write now”.

I’m hoping a job won’t mean I get too busy to write.

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Posted March 15, 2017 by KAS in category "Career Change