February 11

Hackers Attack My Blog!

And I thought no one even READ my blog…

Which makes me wonder why anyone would bother to hack it in the first place. But even after taking their posts down, they are coming back every day to deface the blog again… AND talk about ISIS, well, maybe anti-ISIS. I don’t know. But you would think they could find a political blog to hack instead of a beginning programmer blog in this dusty and forgotten corner of the web.

Meanwhile, I’m halfway done with my internship. It’s getting interesting. I have a plug-in to make for Mautic. Mautic is an open-source marketing system that is built on top of Symfony. So along with a refresher on PHP, I’m learning about PHP frameworks and how to make themes and plug-ins. I doubt I’ll manage to get the plug-in they really want to work. They want to make Mautic a multi-domain program.  I’m not sure a plug-in can do that.  From what I’ve read on the Mautic forums better programmers than me have been trying to make this thing multi-domain for a while. So I’m not very optimistic about the chances of success in the next two weeks. But it’s fun to try.

More fun than trying to figure out how these hackers are getting into my site. But I’ll be spending some of my free time on THAT project to.

I’m back to tossing resumes to the wind as well. It’s not a very good job search, but you never know. I did get one interview from these “IN APPLY” things last December, so maybe someone sees them. And maybe my resume really needs more work…

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Posted February 11, 2017 by KAS in category "Career Change