February 11

Hackers Attack My Blog!

And I thought no one even READ my blog…

Which makes me wonder why anyone would bother to hack it in the first place. But even after taking their posts down, they are coming back every day to deface the blog again… AND talk about ISIS, well, maybe anti-ISIS. I don’t know. But you would think they could find a political blog to hack instead of a beginning programmer blog in this dusty and forgotten corner of the web.

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February 2

Demo Day! (Not…)

So tomorrow is Demo Day! We get to show off our final projects to potential employers. I was looking forward to it, and also to having it be done. Some of my classmates were wishing they had extra time to finish their projects.

Well, along comes yet another ice storm.

So, we get an extra month to stress out about presenting our projects (or finish them as the case may be). Which means, I am once again in job search mode. With 3 weeks left to my internship and 0 weeks left in my savings I can’t wait an extra month to get started looking.

This end game is really frightening. I wish I had managed to save a little more. I wish they had not given us so much vacation time. I kind of wish my internship would turn into a full-time job. Or that I had not been so picky about the job I interviewed for last December. Or that I had skipped the internship to look for paying work…

It’s just a very anxious time.  All the cohorts before us managed to have all their graduates in jobs within 3 months. So really, we could just believe it will happen. And I think I would, if I had 3 months worth of savings left in the bank. I think the real challenge is watching the money run out and not knowing how you will make ends meet until you do find a job. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling anxious…the lucky ones for the next couple of months will be the ones who get picked up by their internship companies.

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