January 29

First Week of Internship

I think one of the hardest things about starting any job is that first week. You go in, don’t know anything (not even where the bathroom or kitchen are) and don’t know anyone… it’s just hard.

And at the same time you REALLY want to make a good first impression. Which, especially as an intern that wants to maybe get hired somewhere down the line, includes not asking too many questions.

But besides finding your way around a new building and trying to remember a dozen new names and faces, you are almost certainly going to encounter some new software as well.

It was like that for me this week. There is this cool automated marketing system called Mautic that I spent almost a whole day trying to get installed and running on a Cloud9 server. And a new way of creating WordPress templates (and I was the lucky one having worked with both WordPress and PHP before, some of my fellow interns are learning both at the same time and trying to figure out how to build these templates).

I’m not in the group that is learning Ruby/Rails. And I’m both jealous they are learning something I’m not, and relieved that I don’t have to do that just yet.

By the end of the week though, I felt pretty good about the internship.  There is a learning curve, but I think that is always going to be the case with a new job in a new company. I felt like I had learned enough by the end of the week to make a contribution, and that’s not a bad first week.

I’m also excited about the company and what they are doing. It’s an interesting group with a lot of great ideas. I’m hoping to see a few of them play out while I’m there, and might be interested in staying if they do.

In the meantime, we have this demo day coming up next week. And I’m relieved not to be one of the lunch speaker/presenters.

I still have to set up a computer with my project(s) for the open house and I’ve been working on that this weekend. Not the Epicodus workstation, but at least getting the projects I am wanting to show running. I was hoping to get them running on Cloud9 which seems like a pretty good place to put things up live.

It’s really cool when it works…

But there are so many projects that were working fine a month ago when we built them at school that are crashing when I try to run them here.

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January 21

Inbound RX

So I have an assignment! Now I can get all nervous and anxious with more specifics…

InboundRX is a marketing company that specializes in neighborhood pharmacies. Part of that marketing help is building websites, and soon also building mobile apps. I’m looking forward to (probably) getting some hands on experience working on a couple of the mobile apps they have planned. And I may be doing some work on the “bread and butter” websites as well.

We got a list with some new things to learn this weekend and there is a scramble to try to come in Monday morning knowing it all and ready to hit the ground running. I don’t know if it’s possible to do that. But I recognize that desire is there in me, in the interns going to Inbound with me, and with many of the other people in my class that I’m keeping in touch with. Everyone is busy learning something…

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January 16

Wishing, and Hoping, and Thinking, and Praying…

The wait just goes on and on and on…

We were supposed to hear back about the internships today, but there has been bad weather.  Really bad weather, the worst in 20 years, or maybe 50. No snow plows to get rid of the record fall snow. So there have been lots of interviews that got rescheduled and not everyone has finished interviewing yet. We have 3 companies with interviews left to do.

And they can’t match us all until the interviews are done and the candidates get rated by the companies, and all the companies by the candidates.

It’s so hard to wait.

I was looking forward to these few weeks as “time off” to “finish” some projects from class, but it has not worked out that way. The distraction level is pretty high.

At times it should be. I actually wish I had spent more time preparing for the interviews instead of writing code. But it’s too late now. Mine are all in the bag for better or worse. I’m accepting that my “first choice” was not a good interview and that probably means I won’t get it. Okay, that’s fine. Today may be a little less distracted as I’m not as hopeful for that one.

I’ve even talked myself into liking #2 enough to switch places on the ranking, based on the idea that it takes two to blow an interview – so maybe my first choice just wasn’t a good match. Them for me as well as me for them?

And other things…

How do you rank companies that have nothing in common? Jobs that have very little in common?

It’s so easy to get distracted by the cool things a company is doing, even if they aren’t the things you went into the interview thinking you would like to do.

This experience is interesting. We all know that we will get a match (tomorrow maybe… but eventually for sure) and so there is a little less stress than regular job hunting would have. And we all have 3-5 interviews in about a week. So we get lots of companies to look at, and the certainty of getting a place at one of them.

How do you decide then?

I think on of the big things a lot of us are looking at is company reputation. The companies we have heard good things about seem to be at the top of everyone’s list. My list looked like that too.

The change I made last night was an attempt to try to take that name familiarity out of the equation and just look at what I learned from the interviews. What are they doing? How well did I “click” with the interviewer(s)? What are they actually offering me that I care about?

When I did that, taking “your company name on my resume” off my list, I found that they lined up a little differently. I hope that wasn’t a bad decision at the last minute.

I guess it’s a good thing though, to be able to try something a little different now, and see how it works out for a month or so, before taking that approach (or not) to my long-term job hunt. I feel like I’m too old to be sitting here not knowing what I want to do with my life – but that may be part of any job search. You have to be a little flexible, right?

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January 1

Internship Matching Process

Monday is THE DAY we get our matches for internships we will interview for. I’ve been back and forth over the list so many times. My classmates (at least the ones I ate lunch with) seem to think I’m crazy for paying such close attention. I think it’s just I care… REALLY care about getting an internship somewhere I will get some good experience. But as one of them reminded me, for many of my classmates any experience would count because they don’t have any yet.

Having some, I want to get some more significant experience.

I really want Android, but I’d also be happy to get exposed to some real-life Agile practices, or some data visualization or AI.. there are plenty with some interesting things to offer.

And there are a few that just want WordPress or Drupal websites built, and one very close to my house that looks like it doesn’t even have that many of THOSE (but still got in my top 10 for being within walking distance – so I can improve my fitness if not my programming skills).

I had hoped my preliminary job search might have turned up something, but with it being so close to Christmas and the end of the year, all I really did was talk to a few recruiters who promised to call me next year. But here we are – getting our interview assignments tomorrow and I feel committed to the internship process now.

I think we signed something along the lines of promising to show up and not leave for a “real” job half-way through. I take those things seriously enough to not quit during the internship – but if something had come up before the matching I would have dropped out to take it.

Any bets on a job offer Sunday night? No, me neither.

It’s a been a hard week off with the uncertainty of what’s going to happen next. I had hoped to get all the READMEs from our JavaScript class done, as well as a few other little projects, and I’m not making much progress.

One problem has been that I want screenshots, and I found several of these first projects don’t run (anymore). I’m not sure why not. I may be “doing” them wrong. Last night I found one that I needed to do “gulp build” and then just open the index.html file. (And fix a typo in the JavaScript… still wondering how THAT got there when it was running fine in class!)

By the time I was making any READMEs for these projects we were doing a “gulp serve” instead of just building the files.

The other thing I want to do is deploy these projects somewhere that they can be viewed online somewhere. I think they should all be able to run on Github if I can set up the distribution files correctly and somehow get them on that gh-pages branch.

There is an npm package for that, but it didn’t work the day I did my independent project. I think I had a typo in my password or something that messed it up…and then it was just broken when I tried afterwards. So I forced it by hand, and don’t recommend the process if it can be avoided.

Anyway, I didn’t make much headway on those projects so it’s my goal for this week too. I’m going to read through the curriculum and try to finish up the projects as I get to them. I’d like to get all 4 weeks done, but suspect I will not make that much progress.

And all the time I am worrying about those yet to be disclosed interviews and if they will be asking me anything about JavaScript or not (if not, how will reviewing the JavaScript impact my ability to answer questions about Java? Not in a good way, I think…)

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