May 31

The Flu?

My kid caught whatever it is and got knocked down pretty hard too. I thought it was just the fact I was riding the bus for 3 days and already tired, but apparently whatever it is – it’s serious. I finally feel like I’m really truly, almost, better.

Meanwhile I’ve been taking it easy and sleeping a lot. Hard to study with the medicines in my system. But I managed to finish the “Full-Stack Web Developer” track over on Treehouse. So I suppose it’s time to evaluate their program.

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May 13

And HOME!!!

After 3 days on the Greyhound, I’m finally home! It may take a week or two to realize fully that there isn’t a truck waiting for me at a nearby truck stop and I really am not hauling another load anywhere.

It’s so nice to be here now.front

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May 8

Calling it Quits

I finally reached my limit yesterday…and it took a lot longer to get there than I would have guessed. I expect to be out of my truck and home by next weekend.


I’m going to miss my truck… as miserable as it’s been making me lately. Continue reading

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May 5

Cool Picture Placeholders

Screenshot of random quote machine
Random quote project for Free Code Camp.

So today I discovered, a service that provides random placeholder images. This is so cool! I was spending half my time looking for images to put in these practice websites…followed by too much time worrying about copyright laws.

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