April 30

Losing Steam?

I’m calling it done today. Anything I don’t get to by the end of the day will have to wait until I take the class for real.

I’ve been distracted all week by Team Treehouse.  I managed to get to the top 10 in badges earned somehow – watching videos while waiting to get loaded/unloaded probably.  And now I can’t stop defending my place. Good thing a new week will start soon and my short burst of fame will be over and it will be back to business instead of this crazy game-like addiction.

screenshot of pig latin translator
One that’s mostly working…

And one that’s not quite there yet… but getting close:

screenshot of pizza order form
You can add pizza sizes to the order, but the toppings are still under construction – maybe by the end of the day…

I’m not feeling that great about the week.  The job is getting to me. And I’m not feeling so great health-wise either. I wish I was done with the truck and home already. The last few months/weeks of any job is hard I suppose. I’m feeling that “short-timers” thing pretty badly these days.

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April 20

And another one…

This one was maybe almost finished when my load was FINALLY ready at 3am…this? morning? Yeah, this morning. Yikes… you lose track of the days when they mix up your days and nights so bad.

screenshot of roman number converter
I know it doesn’t look like much, but this was probably the trickiest one so far!

The page went together pretty good until I hit that rule about 4’s and 9’s being one less than the next number instead of 4 of whatever unit they were in. After several tries I finally got it and then had to go drive and couldn’t test it until this evening! Continue reading

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April 20

Sleep Deprivation…

it’s a bad thing… not recommended.

Still trying to study on top of the job though, here’s the latest fun webpage:

screenshot of park ride project
You can enter your height to get a list of rides you can go on (the heights are made up – but the rides are real). From the list you can click on the thumbnail to see a larger image and park information.
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April 17

Beautiful Day!

The sun is shining. I finally got to sleep overnight instead of drive. Warm days, cool nights … and NO ALLERGIES!! Wish all my days could be like this.

I got some coding done last night and I’m feeling good about that too. I’ve heard you get endorphins from solving puzzles. It feels like THAT… kind of a high when everything falls into place and the page is finally working as it should.

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