July 22

One More Week…

And I’ve decided it’s about time to quit playing with practice projects and take a close look at my existing websites. First up was AspiringWriters.org which was hacked a few months ago so badly I had to go back to a previous version of the site. Yesterday I gave that old version a facelift and cleaned up the code so it would be easier to work with in the future. I’m thinking about adding some new features over the weekend.

Screenshot of Aspiring Writers site after facelift

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July 14

Debugging or Debirding?

Apparently getting the spearow off your keyboard does help… I started fixing problems right after I caught it!

I’m still skeptical about Angular.js though. If things keep moving forward today I could change my mind and like it. I’m still not completely sure I know WHY things weren’t working or what I did to fix them though.



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July 13

Not Liking Angular.js

Angular.js is the coolest thing — when it works…. but getting it to work is… {{impossible}}?

I’m having some problems, even just following along with the Team Treehouse course. But when I try to move out on my own to experiment almost everything I do seems to break the program.

It’s frustrating!

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July 12

3 Weeks and Getting Nervous!

Last week I studied Node.js. This week I’m going back to the front-end with Angular.js. I’m getting really nervous about starting school…the commute, getting up on time, working in pairs all day four days a week.

This weekend we were cleaning up the driveway. My boyfriend has been fixing up this old house and there was a huge pile of construction material in the driveway from tearing out a bunch of the walls to get to the wiring. And behind out big pile there were some pretty healthy weeds.

I moved in a week ago. This was the first time I ventured out of the house. While he was running to the dump, I would go out and dig up the weeds that were uncovered by that part of the pile. I’m just trying to help fix up the place.

So, on the second trip to the dump one of the neighbor ladies comes by. She starts out saying she’s glad that I’m doing the weeds. Great, thanks…

But then she gets all upset about how big the weeds are and they have been blowing into her yard, and then how he said he’d keep the place cleaned up, and THEN how *I* should have done this thing a year ago.

I’m like, I just barely moved in…

Then she starts cussing at me and when she runs out of cuss words she ends the tirade with “FAT BITCH”… shouted from half way down the block.


That’s why I don’t like leaving the house.

And it feeds my fears about going to school, and about trying to work as part of a team. I’m always thinking people are thinking things like that about me anyway, but when they say it out loud. And after knowing me a whole 30 seconds…

I hope that some of the people at school can at least pretend not to hate me on first sight.

I think that’s why I’m trying to learn so much ahead of time. I want to have something that can make up for my being fat. Something I offer, so¬† people so will like me.

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July 6

4 Weeks and Counting…

It’s been a busy week and I’ve nearly forgotten I had this blog!

The big event has been moving to Portland. I’ll be living with my boyfriend while I’m at Epicodus and the next few weeks will be full of adjustments as we figure out how to share a house.

Meanwhile, in the land of programming, I’ve been trying to narrow down my projects that will eventually make up my portfolio and nail down some requirements.

I was happy to see some of them start to come out in the form of user stories: “As an employer, I can post a job.”

This week, I’m exploring how to create MVC type apps on Node.js and write tests with Mocha and Chai…both of which appear to be outside the required curriculum at Epicodus. I’ve been worried about doing too many projects from the curriculum there.

Epicodus has all their courses posted online…which I think is great. I loved working through the first course (Intro to programming), but recently I’ve realized that I’ll be doing all the same projects again in a few weeks. And wondering if it’s cheating to copy and paste the code you wrote a month or two ago? Probably…

So I’m trying to avoid doing any of the projects from the other classes. It’s hard though, because I still think they have found the perfect balance in how much they show and tell you about the project and how much they leave you on your own to figure out.

If they have a lesson on something I’m trying to learn, it’s been one of the best resources for figuring things out.

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