Only 5 Weeks to go…

I’m getting excited, and nervous!

The newest group at Epicodus just finished their first class and one of the group projects was just what I needed… I played “Epicoder” with my kid last night. I beat him by taking the  bus.  He got a flat tire while riding his bike while I begged the bus driver to let me on even though I misplaced my bus pass. And somehow that one difference got me there on time. Oh, and taking the elevator… maybe it pays to be less fit? I loved all the photos though and felt like I’d spent a day at Epicodus when we were done playing.

And it was really strange to see my 16-year-old son make almost all the same choices as I did on this choose your own adventure. Maybe I’m raising him right? Continue reading “Only 5 Weeks to go…”

7 Weeks to Go

I’m still feeling a lack of direction. I’m chasing rabbits around the Internet. Not saying I’m not learning anything, but there is no direction. And too often no connection with the little tidbits I’m getting each day.

I think that’s why it’s good to go to a school (online or offline) that can provide a good curriculum and keep you focused on one thing.

About Getting in Over Your Head…

So my boyfriend landed a nice Senior level position right out of bootcamp. He is a smart guy. He used to be a doctor. And he even built and maintained an Access database for a few years when he worked at the VA.

But he had next to no programming experience when he started his bootcamp three months ago. And I am impressed with how much he learned in such a short time.

Still, he’s a beginner.

I say that because this is his first real programming job – he is beginning. Not to say he’s not smart or that he will fail at the job. He will probably be just fine.

But the situation brings up issues for me.

I have been programming since I was 10. Not constantly, but off and on growing up and more intensely in college. I have a degree in computer science and several side projects over the years.

No work experience until 2000 though. All that education and practice got me secretarial jobs and nothing more. But it still seemed like it should count for something.

No unlike my boyfriend’s life experience…it should count for something. And it does. The question is what? Continue reading “About Getting in Over Your Head…”

Another Track Completed at Treehouse

This week I finished the “Front-End Web Developer” track on Treehouse. (There were a lot of courses that applied to both tracks…I’m not making superhuman progress here.)

I’m still worried about the lack of superhuman progress too. I am here at home all alone most of the day wit no distractions and I think I’m getting less done than when I had to squeeze the study in around my job and a half.

This worries me… Continue reading “Another Track Completed at Treehouse”

The Flu?

My kid caught whatever it is and got knocked down pretty hard too. I thought it was just the fact I was riding the bus for 3 days and already tired, but apparently whatever it is – it’s serious. I finally feel like I’m really truly, almost, better.

Meanwhile I’ve been taking it easy and sleeping a lot. Hard to study with the medicines in my system. But I managed to finish the “Full-Stack Web Developer” track over on Treehouse. So I suppose it’s time to evaluate their program.

Continue reading “The Flu?”

And HOME!!!

After 3 days on the Greyhound, I’m finally home! It may take a week or two to realize fully that there isn’t a truck waiting for me at a nearby truck stop and I really am not hauling another load anywhere.

It’s so nice to be here now.front

Cool Picture Placeholders

Screenshot of random quote machine
Random quote project for Free Code Camp.

So today I discovered, a service that provides random placeholder images. This is so cool! I was spending half my time looking for images to put in these practice websites…followed by too much time worrying about copyright laws.